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What readers are saying

“Dear Kenda, malady

I wanted to thank you again for your Author presentation. The students are enjoying checking out the book from the library.

I wanted to personally order some books to give as gifts. I asked some of the teachers if they were interested in ordering your book for their classroom libraries. As a result, I have a small order to place.

Also, included is an invitation to our Volunteer Breakfast on May 21st. I hope you can make it.

~Forest Grove Elementary Librarian


“Dear Kenda,

I just finished reading your marvelous book!!  I cannot wait to read it to my 4 year old grandson!  I hope that you forgive me for not replying to you sooner.  I was on vacation for the last week in Sept. and first week in October.

I just returned to work last week and your thoughtfulness and kindness just made my day.  You are so talented and smart and you have such a special light shining around you. I cannot explain it, but you are one of the nicest, kindest people I have ever met.

Your Friend and Admirer,

Mary Ann”


“I believe that inspiring, empowering and educating children in ways they can help the world and our earth is key to our future and even survival.  I laud Kenda for creating a kid-friendly book with beautiful illustrations and ideas for children to help themselves and the earth.”

~ Martha Nitzberg, Lead Interpreter Natural Bridges State Beach


“If you want to teach children how to be budding environmentalists and happy citizens of the world, this is the book for you. Not only will kids love Kenda’s inventive illustrations and text, she will inspire the entire family.”

~Natalie Cherot, PhD, Sociologist, Publisher of Conducive Media


Well Earth Well Me is a beautiful and user friendly guide for children on how to take care of their environment in 15 easy steps. The photo illustrations are stunning and lively and Kenda’s message is perfect for supporting young people to care for the natural world and themselves. It is a lovely resource for parents and teachers and I look forward to sharing it with the children in my life!”

~Jaime Becktel, illustrator of My Mother is a Mountain


“Well Earth Well Me! received an enthusiastic “two thumbs up” from my first grade students!  They absolutely loved the vivid photo illustrations and melodic rhythm of the text.  This is a stunning book with a powerful message.  Well Earth Well Me! sparked a wonderful conversation about how each of us, even young children, can make the world a better place.”

~Lisa Boutilier, First Grade Teacher, Maryland


“I am the founder of my Green Club at school, and I think this book shows that there’s little things you can do to help the planet, and that even kids can help save the earth. I think this book is fun and will inspire other kids to do things to help the earth.

~Kaya D., Age 10, Washington


“I love it!  It’s fun, well written, nicely designed, and the pictures really add something with the thoughtful words.  This is definitely a book we would use in Religious Education.”

~ Perry Montrose, Director of Religious Education, The Unitarian Church of Westport, Connecticut


As a psychologist who promotes healing through art throughout the world, I think this charming little book offers children the opportunity to recognize they are a voice and vision of hope for themselves and for planet earth.

~ Dr. Doris Arrington, A.T.R.-BC, HLM, Licensed Psychologist, founder of the Art Therapy Psychology Program at Notre Dame de Namur University, Senior Fulbright Specialist, Author and Educator


“As a veteran teacher of 38 years I find Well Earth Well Me! a delightful and appealing book for young readers. The illustrations and text will pull them into the story as it creates environmental awareness in their young worlds. This is a must have for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders.”

~Joan B. Coy, B.S. in Elementary Education (Shippensburg State College) and M.Ed. in Elementary Education (Pennsylvania State University), Elementary School Teacher for 38 years in Pennsylvania’s Public School System.


I think Well Earth Well Me is a book not only for children but also for adults.  The seemingly simple and songlike message speaks to the inner wisdom of children and to the values of adults who care for the greater good.  I hope children across the globe read this book and realize they are empowered to make a difference, and I hope the adults in their lives support them on taking action – even little steps like the book suggests.

~Dr. Anteneh Roba, Physician, Executive Director International Fund for Africa, and Earth Advocate


“Kenda has captured the splendor of earth and the radiance of children in this lovely book.  The ability children have to make a difference for themselves, for one another, and for healing the earth, is a clear message that can inspire all of us to take action. As a mother and founder of a national nonprofit for children, I believe Well Earth Well Me! offers a joyful message of coexistence.  It’s a treasure!”

~ Iris Rave Wedeking, Founder of Camp Kesem


“Dear Kenda:

I received and tore into your children’s book just now over lunch… and it’s magnificent!

I think how my early reading experiences left a lasting mark on my values and habits– and this is so right on for kids. I hope this one becomes an indisputable classic, as “A Child’s Garden of Verses,” H.C. Anderson, and “Go Dog, Go!” were for me.

I’m still looking for the big dog party up in the Tree…”

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