My Litter Crusade: 200 New Little Litter Warriors

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of reading at the Forest Grove Elementary School in Pacific Grove, pills California.  Three groups of K-2 and possibly the most aware and insightful little ones to whom I’ve had the pleasure of reading. We sang and we talked about the environment. These children understand climate change, about it and yet adults all over this country still deny its existence. They also have a hyper awareness of drought, stuff it’s negative impacts, and how to save water.

But what continues to inspire me is how innately compassionate children are. They understand that litter harms animals, intuitively, they simply know this fact. And when given support and guidance, they inavariably do the right thing.

I’m on a litter crusade. This is not new news. For the most part, it’s one of the main reasons I wrote Well Earth Well Me!

Yesterday, nearly 200 children raised their hands in support of helping me pick up litter when they see it. We talked about being litter detectives and investigating the kelp beds for those little bits and pieces of Styrofoam and plastic and butts that are causing great harm to the animals. We also discussed alternatives to balloon releases and solutions (other than cutting) for fishing line that is caught in eel grass. At the end of each reading, the children made a commitment through show of hands, to being Champions of the Earth. I’ve had the lovely privilege of reading to a few thousand children now, and today we have 200 new litter warriors to help make earth a better place.

After my school visit, I returned home exhausted and elated. We are not alone in this battle for making the earth a better place. There are earth souldiers or warriors or champions (or whatever) out there, everywhere, who truly care, and many of them are less than 4 feet tall and consider recess their favorite part of the day.



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