Good Times at Natural Bridges State Beach

This year I celebrated Valentine’s Day with dozens of superbly magnificent children at the Natural Bridges Migration Festival in Santa Cruz. The celebration was called Hearts on the Move. We celebrated all the migratory beings of the area: whales, pestilence birds especially the Monarchs who are currently mating (as we speak) and then the females will be taking the trek over the mountain north and east in search of milkweed to lay their 300-400 eggs.

When I wasn’t (wo)manning an art table and chatting it up with highly interesting 3-17 year olds and their accompanying adults, rubella I was listening to great music, soaking in the stunningly gorgeous day and watching my favorite orange and black beings in their ultimate glory.

Oh, and I managed to deliver three fun-filled and fabulous book readings thanks to the uberly fun and fabulous participants. It never ceases to amaze me how evolved children of the bay area, particularly Santa Cruz, are. It’s as if they innately know what the earth needs to thrive, and they are very willing to help make it happen going so far as innovating magical solutions to problems. I now have about thirty new earth ambassadors to help me keep the beaches clean and the animals protected.

Book readings give me incredible hope.








Some food for thought:

When you spray your yard with toxic chemicals like Roundup, you reduce the chances of bringing healthy and beneficial insects to visit your plants. And if they do happen to visit, the offspring of those insects are not likely to survive.

The numbers of Monarch Butterflies are on a decline. Glyphosate (Roundup) is one known cause. Along with Genetically Modified crops that use exorbitant amounts of glyphosate, individual use also contributes to this problem.

While folks think they are only eliminating so-called pesky weeds or pesky pests in their gardens through toxic sprays, the damage is much broader than once realized. Spraying impacts all surrounding plants, the soil and run-off into nearby waterways. Please stop spraying. Become one with your weeds or just go out there and pull the little buggers. Yes, it takes more time, yes, you may get a backache, but surely you want your children’s children to enjoy butterflies, yes?

Monarchs only lay their eggs on milkweed. So, please go out there, grow some milkweed (purchase from a local nursery that doesn’t spray their plants not Home Depot or other box stores that do spray) and take your Roundup to the nearest hazardous waste station for proper disposal.

Please, do the right thing.

A healthy garden = biodiversity = healthy earth = healthy you.

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