Turn Your Yard into a Bird Haven!

What a joy it was to go back to Fayetteville and read to the Kindergarteners, clinic First Graders and Second Graders.  With about 100 kids per reading, it was lively and fun-filled.  I hope to go back next year.

Thank you Marybeth Maloskey for making it all happen.  You are a joy to work with.

While I have about 100 photos, I only selected the two that don’t have any identifying information.  Without permission to post the children’s photos and wanting to protect their identities, I hope you enjoy these more artistic images taken by my husband.

Fayetteville Elem


Fayetteville II
Your yard can become a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat!  With fall approaching swiftly, cialis 40mg
native birds will be looking for a warm, cardiology
clean place to rest during the season or during their winter migration for those that voyage elsewhere.


Below are five essential tips provided by the National Wildlife Federation:

  1. Provide running water. Birds require water year-round. The sound of running water in a birdbath or pond will be heard by birds from some distance, draw them in for a drink, and possibly a quick dip as well.
  2. Clean out birdhouses. Make necessary repairs to birdhouses in preparation for species that roost during fall and winter. In many areas, bluebirds, chickadees, nuthatches and winter wrens may take up nightly residence in birdhouses to keep warm and safe.
  3. Create brush piles. Save your fall clippings of branches and twigs. Then, pile them in a corner of the yard to create cover for birds that prefer habitat on the ground — such as dark-eyed juncos, tree sparrows and white-throated sparrows.
  4. Increase the number of feeders. In the cooler days of fall, birds increase their food consumption and will continue to do so as the temperature drops.
  5. Plant evergreens. Planted near feeders and birdbaths, evergreens are perfect for providing cover for birds after deciduous trees lose their leaves.

When you certify your yard by providing birds with the food, water and shelter they need, they’ll thank you by frequenting your yard year-round. Plus, we’ll also thank you with tons of great benefits (see sidebar to right). AND, for a limited time, you’ll also receive a beautiful fall garden flag, free!

Here is the link that will office guidance for turning your yard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat.





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