Managing Mosquitoes While Protecting Pollinators Part II

Pollinator protection does not have to be relinquished in exchange for managing mosquitoes. The impact of mosquito spraying on pollinators is noticed long after spraying has ended. Studies show wild bee populations are even more susceptible to pesticide exposure than honey bees due to differences in biology and habitat. For instance, our native male bees […]

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Managing Mosquitoes While Protecting Pollinators

They’ve been around for roughly 200 million years and are most active at 80°­­F and unable to function below 50F. They can sense the lactic acid and carbon dioxide from an animal’s breath up to 100 feet away. They can throw even a most stoic person into an arm-flailing, yelping frenzy. The females beat their […]

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Love Thy Pollineighbor: 7 Practical Tips to Go Wild with Habitat

I love reading for nonprofit groups, viagra order and the Children’s Garden of the Jackson County Master Gardeners Association is one of the best. Annually, remedy a group of dedicated volunteers lead by “Cricket” and “Patches” provide fun activities, gardener wisdom, and homegrown snacks to children ages 5-13 (two different age groups 5-8 and 8-13). […]

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Birds do it, bees do it, so what’s the problem?

It’s April, help so you know what that means? Right on, sale it’s Earth Day month! This April I’m sharing a series of posts focusing on some of my favorite nonhuman beings on earth – the pollinators – and why they should be the main topic of conversation at every family gathering or work picnic or […]

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So You’re Getting Hitched and You Want an Eco-Friendly Wedding

**Note this is a reprint (with some minor additions) from an article I wrote in 2010** Well, ambulance first off, health care congratulations!  Whether this is the first, online second or third go around, you can make this one count not just for yourself and your soon-to-be-lifelong partner but also for the earth. You can […]

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Cool kid from Abu Dhabi

My friend, decease Elaine, website like this forwarded me an article about an awesome kid from Abu Dhabi. At only 12 years of age Abdul Muqeet of Abu Dhabi has done more for the earth than most adults two or three times his age have accomplished. In 2010 Abdul, honorably dubbed the paper boy of Abu Dhabi, turned discarded newspapers […]

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Elephants of Addo

Addo is a National Park on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It’s the third largest park and a nature reserve elephants who were almost nonexistent there around the early 1930’s. But with the efforts of conservationists and rangers, melanoma there are over 450 elephants at Addo! If you’d like to read more about Addo and […]

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Turn Your Yard into a Bird Haven!

What a joy it was to go back to Fayetteville and read to the Kindergarteners, clinic First Graders and Second Graders.  With about 100 kids per reading, it was lively and fun-filled.  I hope to go back next year. Thank you Marybeth Maloskey for making it all happen.  You are a joy to work with. […]

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Wildlife Gardening with Kids

The National Wildlife Federation has a Wildlife Habitat Certification for kids! No matter where you live, website in the country or in a big city, on top of a mountain or down by the sea you can create a wildlife garden!   And the certification not only helps the wildlife in your community, but there are […]

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Mariposas Monarcas!

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